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ebike tour Valtaro

E-bike tour to discover fabulous landscapes, castles and churches, hundreds of years old traditions and unique flavours in the Taro Valley.

This itinerary offers in a few kilometres the true essence of Taro Valley: among hills, churches and Landi Castle in Compiano; we will ride along roads with a low traffic in order to discover “slowly” this fabulous corner of Emilia.

The departure is in Borgo Val di Taro, a splendid town not so far from the Tuscan- Ligurian Apennine, famous all over the world for the Porcino Mushroom. We will ride through the old town to reach the Dairy Factory, where we will taste the different maturing of the Parmesan Cheese, a true excellence of Italian cuisine.

After the tasting, we will take again the bikes towards Compiano, which is in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
It is also famous for its fabulous castle.
We will visit the hamlet, we will have lunch in an agriturismo and then we will come back to Borgo Val di Taro.

Know more:

What is an e-bike?

E-bikes are city bikes or mtb provided with a motor assistance that helps you when pedalling uphill, making it possible for anybody, also those who are not particularly fit, to enjoy a cycling tour of 30-50 km. These bikes can be used without the motor assistance or you can choose different assistance levels.

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Val Taro: Cycle and Taste is created by Sigeric – Servizi per il turismo