Facciata Duomo di Fornovo
Lunetta duomo di Berceto
Castello del Piagnaro Pontremoli

A day itinerary along the ancient path of Via Francigena, on the pilgrims’ trail.
A travel among medieval villages, ancient churches and castles between Parma and Lunigiana Tuscany, 

Guided tour/ full day

From Fornovo to the Cisa Pass

The tour starts from Fornovo, a Roman town and important stop during Middle Ages along the Via Francigena. In the heart of the old town the Saint Mary of the Assumption Parish Church, masterpiece of the Romanesque of Parma, has got fabulous low-reliefs created by the school of the great sculptor Benedetto Antelami.

Moving towards Berceto, which is a real burg of the Apennine and an essential stop for the crossing of the ancient passages along the Via Francigena. After a short walk in the old town, considered a little stone jewel, we can admire San Moderanno Cathedral. Inside of this building there is the famous cope of the Saint and a very ancient glass chalice.

After the visit of Berceto, we go towards Cisa Pass, the most important and ancient pass in the northern Apennine beginning from the Roman period. Still now the Pass, dominated by the Shrine of Madonna della Guardia, is a place of meeting for hikers, bikers and motor bikers and it represents a symbol of Via Francigena. Passed the Cisa Pass we arrive in Tuscany, reaching Pontremoli town.

Lunch in a typical restaurant of the old town.

From Cisa pass to Pontremoli

In the afternoon our itinerary continues with the visit of Pontremoli old town, which was defined in the Middle Ages the only key and gate of the Apennine. Here we can admire medieval monuments and baroque beauties, ancient arched bridges, towers, fortresses and beautiful buildings which dated back to 17th and 18th centuries. The tour ends with the visit of the majestic Piagnaro Castle and the Statue Stele Museum evocative archaeological witnesses of prehistoric period, now symbols of Lunigiana.