A day in the heart of Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park. An old Valley with most stately glacier and where, during the centuries, Man and Nature lived in harmony

The itinerary starts with a visit to the Forest of the Alta Val Parma, in the basin of Lagdei Refuge (1250 metres), a site of historical and naturalistic interest. Then, with the peat bog path, on a wooden foot-bridge, we will start to see the valley niche tells the story of the huge glacier.
The day continues with a trekking wich leads the youths to the shores of Lago Santo and to Mariotti Refuge (1500 metres), built at the end of 19th 
century. Exporing the lake’s shores, you can watch the alpine features of this water mirror, the deepest one in the northern Apennine.
There is the possibility to continue the trekking until the Apennine ridge. from where it is possible to admire all the Magra valley until the coasts of La Spezia Gulf.
Useful information:
The proposal can be made in a half day or in a full day. Possibility to organize the tour with a visit of a dairy with the deepening of the working and of the maturation; visit of the village Bosco di Corniglio and possibility to buy Parmigiano Reggiano.
This itinerary can have different levels of difficulty in order to adapt it to schools, hikers groups, private customers.
Possibility to stay in the Lagdei Refuge, which has 40 beds.