A protected area established more than 30 years ago near Parma among woods, lawns and water mirrors in the gardens of the Duchess Maria Luigia d’Austria.

The Woods of the Duchess

This itinerary consists in the discovery of Carrega Woods Park, a protected area, which preserves the only part of wood near the plain, in an agricultural area. 

The walking in the park offers different aspects of interest. With a nature guide, we will observe the features of the forest and the natural landscape, exercising in the recognition of trees, plants, trails of many animals. 

This Park is also a site of historical interest connected with the Villa del Casino de’ Boschi, a ducal residence. The Villa belonged to Maria Luigia d’Austria, Napoleon’s wife and the most loved Duchess by the inhabitants of Parma. 


  • By bus you can arrive from Collecchio or Sala Baganza, the parking is wide;
  • This proposal can be offered as a half day or full day, or organized with other activities. If you choose a full day, in the middle of the park there is a covered area with toilets to eat a packed lunch.