Dallara academy
Dallara academy - salone espositivo
Castello Pallavicino di Varano dei Melegari

A day dedicated to the discovery of the motor excellences and the Castles of the Parma Province: Dallara Academy and Pallavicino Castle of Varano dei Melegari.

The Dallara Academy in the “Motor Valley”

The itinerary starts with the visit of Dallara Academy, a constructor enterprise which builds racing cars in Varano dei Melegari and it was founded in 1972 by the engineer Gian Paolo Dallara. In the Dallara Academy the students will experience first-hand the laws of physics applied to the design and development of cars. The educational labs are based on the philosophy of learning to have fun, involving the students in activities inspired by the main skills which distinguish the company: design and manufacturing that concern aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics.* 

The Pallavicino Castle of Varano dei Melegari

After lunch (free with a packed lunch or in a typical restaurant with a fixed-price menu), the itinerary continues with the visit to Pallavicino Castle of Varano dei Melegari, medieval manor which was built near the banks of Ceno Stream and belongs of the network of  the Castles of Parma and Piacenza Duchy. Pallavicino was one of the main noble families in Parma and Piacenza territory and it kept for many centuries  the control of one of the most important communication ways among Tuscany, Emilia and Liguria, building a wide system of towers, castles and fortresses.

*Possibility to spend a whole day in the Dallara Academy, the afternoon is dedicated to the visit of some company departments. In particular, it will be possible to visit the centre of research of composite materials, the aerodynamics department and the driving professional simulator.