Discovering the Borgotaro IGP Porcini Mushroom Museum

A unique experience to discover the Fungo Porcino of Borgotaro, a product of excellence of the Alta Valtaro. .  This activity will take you inside the Borgotaro Porcini Mushroom Museum, one of the food museums in the province of Parma. The museum, set within [...]

Discover the Parmigiano Reggiano in the Borgotaro Dairy

GUIDED TOUR TO THE DAIRY IN BORGOTARO Parmigiano Reggiano DOP is the king of the Italian gastronomy! Discover with us the secrets of the homemade production of this high quality cheese and taste Parmesan of various maturing. The Dairy in Borgotaro produces Parmesan Cheese since [...]

The hills of Parma

A perfect tour to discover the hills of Parma through breath-taking landscapes: guided visit to a ham factory and the Torrechiara Castle. The charm of the hills of Parma/Guided tour  full – day Ham Factory Our tour starts in the hills of Parma, where [...]

The surroundings of Parma among art and gastronomy

Between Fidenza and Soragna, this itinerary allows to visit masterpieces of the surroundings of Parma, famous for the production of Italian culinary excellences as Culatello di Zibello Dop  Fidenza and Culatello di Zibello Factory The tour starts from Fidenza, a Roman town on the [...]

Parma: Capital of Art and Gastronomy

This itinerary allows to discover all the secrets of  Parma as UNESCO Creative Town for Gastronomy and Italian Culture Capital for the year 2020.  Parma is a coffer of art masterworks but also a temple of Italian cuisine, a true artistic and culinary [...]

Val Taro: Cycle and Taste

E-bike tour to discover fabulous landscapes, castles and churches, hundreds of years old traditions and unique flavours in the Taro Valley. This itinerary offers in a few kilometres the true essence of Taro Valley: among hills, churches and Landi Castle in Compiano; we will ride [...]

Cycle and toast at Torrechiara Castle

A bike tour dedicated to the hundreds of years old history of Torrechiara Castle and to the rich and “sparkling” local cuisine! Cycle and toast in the shade of the Castle: Torrechiara Castle, cheese factory, craft beer tasting: a full day guided tour by [...]

Cycle and Taste Parma

The perfect itinerary to discover Parma beauties and flavours living a unique experience: riding a bike! In the morning, with our guide, we start with the visit of one of the 350 dairies, which produce Parmigiano Reggiano, one of the Italian and world culinary [...]

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